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boomboomf22 -> Awesomely insane high pop worlds (8/4/2020 11:37:58 PM)

So I just updated to 1.05, and the first world I generated (a Siwa class) had 1.1196 Billion people pre-collapse which is the largest I have seen yet. After the collapse it had fallen to 11.46 million which is still insane. It generated 11 majors and 106 minors on a medium planet.

I anticipate many juicy ruins to loot, though right out of the gate I am having serious Issues as I turned on alien wildlife, with 20m long carnivorous octipodes menacing me right out of the gate (144 soft defense!!!!)

Was wondering what high pop worlds people have generated, and what to expect. I think most of the minors won't be a huge problem as 60% generated as hunters.

Twotribes -> RE: Awesomely insane high pop worlds (8/4/2020 11:57:36 PM)

Hunters are tough in woods and rough. As I recall they get a bonus. And did you mean 1 billion or 11 billion pop?

boomboomf22 -> RE: Awesomely insane high pop worlds (8/5/2020 1:38:17 AM)

Well the number the game gave me is 1119.6 Million, which is 1.1196 Billion (I think?). And that is the highest I have seen the game get.

demiare -> RE: Awesomely insane high pop worlds (8/5/2020 1:42:55 AM)

From personal experience 3B-5B is very easy to generate on Siwa, 1B-2B is doable on Borealis too. Insanely high values are around 10B, but I never get them myself (mostly because I don't want to play on hot & very humid planets).

boomboomf22 -> RE: Awesomely insane high pop worlds (8/5/2020 1:45:16 AM)

Huh, intersting, because in my previous games I have rarely seen above like 100 million in planet generation. I've mostly been playing on Siwa as well.

Twotribes -> RE: Awesomely insane high pop worlds (8/5/2020 2:02:42 AM)

You need a regular gravity .8 to 1 I believe, good water fall 800mm to over 1000. and ya usually 20 or more degrees for temp. There are exceptions but with those numbers you can generate billions if you reroll enough or are just lucky. I have seen 11 billion think current world had 3 billion.

boomboomf22 -> RE: Awesomely insane high pop worlds (8/5/2020 4:12:43 AM)

Interesting. Something I have seen (anecdotal, but it has been my experience) but when I go for high rainfall the game gen just tends to absolutely coat the world in forests. And the human influence on the planet (colonization phase) doesn't seem to effect the density of said forests. So I have been looking for enough rainfall to have life, but fewer forests and mountains as I like playing a mobile warfare game and frankly when the game is generating 50% of hexes as various types to forest that doesn't happen.

I absolutely love the planet gen, but the inner realism nerd in me has trouble believing a world with substantial agriculture and mining would have huge swathes of unexploited forest. This is considering hexes are 200 km. I don't think this is major enough to warrant a change to planet gen, but Amazon jungle sized forests feel like they should be rare.

gmsitton -> RE: Awesomely insane high pop worlds (8/5/2020 4:28:22 AM)

One of Das Tactics strategies is to roll a world with a high population so there will be a higher population after the Dissolution War. The highest I've rolled is 4.1b, but I didn't play that one.

Lovenought -> RE: Awesomely insane high pop worlds (8/5/2020 4:42:24 AM)

I know i've seen insanely ridiculously high numbers posted by others. And I personally have seen 10-20 billion.

Twotribes -> RE: Awesomely insane high pop worlds (8/5/2020 5:11:08 AM)

Just rolled my first world in 1.05 with just a few tries ( maybe 15) I got 9billion 503 million 800 thousand. 9.272 million survived the war, had 9.74 million after dark ages. But I picked to have lots of fragmentation and so got 11 majors and 122 Minors. Gonna be tough nut to crack started next to a bunch of marauders. May lose quick )

Lovenought -> RE: Awesomely insane high pop worlds (8/5/2020 9:39:17 AM)

8.27 million survivors? I've never seen it that high, I thought it was hard coded to never go above like 2.7. It must be because you picked fragmentation?

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