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tylerblakebrandon -> Having trouble with SPYDER-SR (8/4/2020 9:22:59 PM)

So I'm having trouble using the SPYDER-SR SAM BTY's, I have the E/LM-2106 ETAR radiating and I have tried grouping it with the SAMs but I keep receiving a message that the Derby missiles cannot engage until the BTY obtains itself or another CEC platform obtains target track. I have tried adding other CEC platforms like E-2D to the side without success.

Any suggestions? I'm using build 1147.1. Will try to add a save later.

KnightHawk75 -> RE: Having trouble with SPYDER-SR (8/4/2020 10:38:26 PM)

I believe the top-lite sensors on the battery itself will not do for a launch, you'll need to add the EL/M 2106 ATAR (2d) or 2106NG ATAR (for Derby's) to the battery and not have it separate as they are not cec capable in the db.

tylerblakebrandon -> RE: Having trouble with SPYDER-SR (8/5/2020 11:47:54 AM)

Thanks, I will try adding the ATAR directly to the unit.

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