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MorningDew -> Final stages tactics (8/4/2020 1:47:14 PM)

Once Germany is pushed back to it's borders, I am struggling with how to break the lines of defense. They are behind rivers (yes, I have engineers), and while I can inflict damage on units by bringing in additional troops (i.e. attack, fall back and bring in fresh in the same turn), I am either so weak one the hex falls that I cannot hold the position or I do not force the retreat, in which case they simply replace the unit with a new, full strength unit. Most attacks are at 1-1 at best, maybe 3-2.

I pound them with the air units I have, but I am struggling to make a dent.

Are there tactics that are recommended for this phase or just use a meat grinder approach?

Ostwindflak -> RE: Final stages tactics (8/4/2020 5:38:33 PM)

Do you have more units than supply to sustain them? I only ask because I have seen this a few times in my games making units weaker and not getting the full effect of good supply. If it looks like your units aren't getting enough supply, try moving some well away from the front and prioritize the units you plan to use for making a hole in the line.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Final stages tactics (8/4/2020 5:55:39 PM)

Allies should have heavy heavy airforce. France can supply enough units to do the job. It gets tough near Paris. Taking Amsterdam is important as it was in the war for shortening the supply lines

MorningDew -> RE: Final stages tactics (8/4/2020 6:16:17 PM)

Amsterdam taken a long time ago. Perhaps Air Force isn't large enough.

Made very little progress the past few months and now in the start of winter.

Perhaps I have too many units? Do I need to pare down the number?


MorningDew -> RE: Final stages tactics (8/5/2020 1:45:16 AM)

Of course, the turn after posting this I broke through at several points. Picked two, pounded with as much air as I could, used supply trucks on all nearby units, and attacked/rotated until I could break through and sent as much armor through the gaps as I could.

MVokt -> RE: Final stages tactics (8/5/2020 1:56:22 PM)

Landings in Denmark shouldn't be that easy. They didnít occur in real life for a reason.

MorningDew -> RE: Final stages tactics (8/5/2020 2:11:54 PM)

Denmark originally was invaded because ports were left ungarrisoned.

Ostwindflak -> RE: Final stages tactics (8/9/2020 10:13:27 PM)

What map mod are you using in that screen shot Andrew?

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