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tonyscrase -> air strike newbie (7/31/2020 3:20:32 PM)

I have set up an Air strike against an enemy Airport. the problem I have is if I go in a straight line I go over Enemy Sams.
How to I change the route of my bombers and escorts so I miss out the Sams


stww2 -> RE: air strike newbie (7/31/2020 4:37:35 PM)

If you let the game launch the aircraft for you once they are assigned to the mission (as opposed to manually launching them), each flight's strike waypoints should appear on the map once the flight launches (in light gray/white lines; not certain if you have to have the flight selected for the flight-path to appear). Simply drag the waypoints to wherever you would prefer.

tonyscrase -> RE: air strike newbie (7/31/2020 5:36:39 PM)

Thank you
How do you get the game to launch your aircraft rather than selecting the aircraft manually and pressing the launch button

stww2 -> RE: air strike newbie (7/31/2020 5:42:42 PM)

Once you assign them to the mission (right click on the aircraft when they are in the airbase, click on "Assign to Mission," and select the appropriate mission), they will take off automatically.

The only exceptions would be if the mission is configured such that there are requirements for launching the strike, and those requirements have not been met. For example, if there are not enough aircraft to make a complete flight (and the option to prevent aircraft from launching with less than a complete flight is enabled), or escorts or tankers are required but not on station/assigned. But most of those options are not enabled by default (the flight size limitation might be, though).

tonyscrase -> RE: air strike newbie (8/1/2020 8:57:26 PM)

Thank You very helpful

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