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MagicMissile -> Create a wargame (7/28/2020 3:04:13 PM)


I am hoping there might be one or two game designers reading these forums if there is not I might post in a specific game forum.

My question is simple but maybe the answer is not [:)].

If I want to create my own computer game

1) What programming language would be best to learn
2) With decent intelligence (I hope) but no Enstein how long would it take to learn programming well enough to have the level of mastery to try and design your own game?
3) Where/how would you start to learn programming? I am too old for univeristy.

Grateful for any kind of answers,

Thanks in advance


sanch -> RE: Create a wargame (7/28/2020 3:30:22 PM)

1. Traditionally, C and/or C++. But C# and java are becoming more common.
2. Realistically, years. Mastering UI alone takes a lot of learning, not to mention all the other parts.
3. Search online. There are good tutorials out there. For example, I learned jave from these tutorials.

Zorch -> RE: Create a wargame (7/28/2020 3:37:07 PM)

You could contact a game company and see what skills they want in developers...

Curtis Lemay -> RE: Create a wargame (7/28/2020 3:59:24 PM)

After you learn to program, you would need to apprentice under a veteran game designer - none of whom are going to take on a novice.

PipFromSlitherine -> RE: Create a wargame (7/28/2020 5:40:05 PM)

Try modding something first, ideally something that allows you to tweak the model etc so you can both see how the game hangs together and also see how changes impact it.

Java is not a first tier gaming language. C(++)/C# are. But some games use Lua or Python as their scripting languages.

Choice depends on whether you want to build the whole thing (e.g. engine from the ground up), just the game (e.g. in say Unity or Unreal or something higher level), or just tinker with game ideas in a specific genre (try modding, e.g. BA/FOG2 if that is the kind of game flow that works can allow you to tinker with the model scripting).

But it's not a quick thing :)



ernieschwitz -> RE: Create a wargame (7/28/2020 5:58:40 PM)

I agree with Pip. You should probably start with Modding. You can start pretty easily doing this with games designed especially for it. TOAW or Advanced Tactics Gold are prime candidates. Each allowing some sort of control of what you do, but without having to learn to code from the ground up.

Freyr Oakenshield -> RE: Create a wargame (7/28/2020 10:44:48 PM)


ORIGINAL: ernieschwitz

I agree with Pip. You should probably start with Modding. [...]

That or something "smaller" than a game for a start, e.g. a simple game editor to edit a game's save files or a similar game-related small project...

Angiel -> RE: Create a wargame (7/29/2020 6:12:19 AM)

Try Construct 2 or 3. I have programmed several wargames on it (it is simple to use and there is also a demo version). Search for tutorials on youtube.

General Napoleon's La Haye Sante scenario ..... the last game I created.


ncc1701e -> RE: Create a wargame (7/29/2020 6:44:22 PM)

First, I would suggest to learn to draw pixels. Just try to do your own counters. Then learn the graphics to create a map. This part is entertaining.
Second, learn C#. Take an engine like Godot or Unity. There are very tight to C#. Easy to program a game with this.

I prefer Godot to Unity but it's more a matter of taste.

Kuokkanen -> RE: Create a wargame (7/29/2020 8:15:29 PM)


ORIGINAL: PipFromSlitherine

Try modding something first, ideally something that allows you to tweak the model etc so you can both see how the game hangs together and also see how changes impact it.

This was my first thought. You can look up games that are open source (source code freely available), study the code, chat with developers involved with those games, ask them recommendations, take part on game development as scenario designer, script writer, translator (to other languages)... Such wargames I can name are Battle for Wesnoth and MegaMek.

MagicMissile -> RE: Create a wargame (8/3/2020 7:37:54 PM)

Thank you all for your advice. We will see if anything comes out of it in 10-15 years or so [:)].


wodin -> RE: Create a wargame (8/6/2020 11:16:20 AM)

Don't expect to make a full time career out of wargames. Unless you develop a Panzer Korps with it's mainstream appeal\buyers, which is rare as hens teeth, see it as a hobby.

Freyr Oakenshield -> RE: Create a wargame (8/6/2020 1:44:05 PM)

If you could create another Fornite or Minecraft kind of game with their followings, you might actually live off that [:D]

Grotius -> RE: Create a wargame (8/8/2020 2:33:59 AM)

If you know you'll be making a 2D game -- and that's probably a good idea for a first project -- you might try Game Maker Studio 2, which is designed specifically for 2D games. It has a one-month free trial, and even a few days with that will give you a sense of what GMS can do. After that you have to pay $75 or more for a license, depending on the platform you're targeting. I got my Windows license on sale for $50.

GMS2 comes with a "drag n drop" mode that I've never tried; I recommend using Game Maker Language (GML) instead. GML has a C-like structure, and it comes with a beautiful IDE (integrated development environment) that is easier and more fun to use than Godot or Unity, in my opinion. GMS2 is known for indie pixel-art games, but it's perfectly possible to make high-rez 2D games with it. "Spelunky" is one of the better-known titles developed with GMS2. The new GMS2 beta has lots of new object-oriented features, like structs and constructors, plus some new animation features and such. But first things first -- try the free trial. Linkage:

I was actually about to post a similar question to yours, as I've now created 3 or 4 games with GMS2 and I'd like to try my hand at a wargame. But I think I'll post in my own thread so as not to clutter up this one. Good luck!

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