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Epekepe -> Most useless research Top 3 (7/27/2020 2:10:40 PM)

-Rocket Weapons.
-Anti-Tank Weapons.

All of them could be somehow useful, but there are better targets for your limited MPP:s.

What do you think?

Bo Rearguard -> RE: Most useless research Top 3 (7/27/2020 2:25:53 PM)

I would agree with that list. However, I think a lot depends on the nature of the nation doing the research. For the major powers like the Soviet Union or China with little to nothing in the way of a navy, research items like Naval Warfare, Naval Weaponry, Advanced Subs, ASW and even Amphibious Warfare would probably rank even lower.

HamburgerMeat -> RE: Most useless research Top 3 (7/27/2020 3:32:00 PM)

Agree with rocket weapons.

Disagree with the other two depending on the major. Anti tank units are extremely overtuned in WaW compared to WiE, and I would recommend them as the USSR and USA. Maybe even GB depending on german strategy.

I don't bother with mobility as the USSR, because if you can afford it then you're probably already in a winning position. However, it can be quite useful as Japan when trying to occupy hexes in China.

I am in the minority, but I still think production tech is near worthless for any major except the USA.

Elessar2 -> RE: Most useless research Top 3 (7/27/2020 4:19:58 PM)

Once you are at the end of a long hard fought campaign season, the cold/mud settles in, and it's time to rebuild your forces, production tech can easily save hundreds of MPP's. I tried one game where I gave it short shrift, and found it virtually impossible to rebuild things back to 100% by the time clear weather came back along. [planes were the biggest pain, esp. when their overall tech levels become high]

Now, if you are arguing that, at certain points in time, that other techs (and units) are more worthwhile purchases, then yeah sure. Over the long haul it easily pays for itself.

HamburgerMeat -> RE: Most useless research Top 3 (7/27/2020 5:26:48 PM)

From my experience, the game doesn't last long enough to the point where it pays for itself. Pretty much every game I've played was decided by late 41/42.

Xsillione -> RE: Most useless research Top 3 (7/27/2020 5:49:29 PM)

Greatly depends if we talking about pvp or pve, pvp can be decided before 42, so any long term tech (industry and production) will be less useful. While in pve you might need that boost for the lategame (with increased difficulty of course, you need nothing to win on normal.)

And even more depending on which country we are talking.

ElvisJJonesRambo -> RE: Most useless research Top 3 (7/28/2020 3:52:14 AM)

Production tech --- is only good for USA. The rest, HamburgerMeat is correct, there's higher priorities. So you save 200 MMPs over time. Who cares, when you're getting mopped off the face of the Earth and needed real help. You're playing to win the game, not invest in the stock market.

Mobility --- I always buy this for Japan early on. Why? Because all the units showing up Summer 1941 will get it, that's good value and those units need it for battles in Jungles, DEI, Vietnam, wherever. Russia cannot afford it. Brits, Gerry, USA have it, but also expensive that I rarely bother upgrading to it.

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