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Vhalor -> Logistics Difficulty Setting - It Just Works! (7/26/2020 9:32:53 PM)

Even with the latest and improved v1.04-beta10 version, quite a few people still seem to be concerned about the logistics system being too difficult to handle.

So far, all effort seems to have been focused on trying to tweak the entire system to somehow strike the perfect balance for a wide variety of cases, which seems incredible difficult a task.

If there's a massive wall in front, trying to break through it head on is rarely the best approach. Especially, when one could simply step around it!

A simple difficulty option with just two settings might do just that. (Could of course be expanded upon, if deemed beneficial)

Normal: As it is now.

Easy: Doubles the range (AP) and points provided by logistical assets.

Easy would still provide an introduction to the overall workings of the logistical system, but push back the need to fully dig into it and be more forgivable.

For new players that should provide a much smoother initial experience. But such an option would further more help players in general to play the game "their way". So even those that simply dislike the importance of logistics overall or just want to switch up the experience on their next planet would benefit.

Seems like a great addition to me that might make the logistical system "just work" for a lot of people. Hopefully it would be rather easy to add on top!

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