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Poliorcetes -> Need explanation or hints for problems (7/23/2020 6:13:18 AM)

It is too hard to figure out what is going wrong. Any problem that is being reported (starvation of population, supply, logistics) should have something telling you how this occured or what went wrong. If it generates a warning it should have a way to look at what failed. (Ie. Lack of private farms but we fed the workers, city truck stop too damaged from recent capture to provide truck poonts, unable to transport fuel to unit or lack fuel to send to unit).

I also don't understand all the resources put into useless or rarely used systems. Like Tariffs, sales tax, prospecting (redundant with Org and useless once zone is maxed out).
Archeology is useful early game but seems worthless later on.
The generate BP card doesn't seem to scale so I often seem to spend much more than I get back from that card.
Meanwhile espionage seems very underdeveloped.
I end up with huge stacks of worthless cards.
Cards should list where they were generated from (I can't fine tune card generation because its a pain in the arse to figure out what Org makes them).

lloydster4 -> RE: Need explanation or hints for problems (7/23/2020 4:34:45 PM)

There's a table in-game that shows which councils produce which cards. You find it under Reports -> Help

I agree that the default budgets+priorities are way out of whack. It's really easy to adjust them though.

Malevolence -> RE: Need explanation or hints for problems (7/23/2020 9:01:51 PM)

I found through play that almost all of the information is available, but not organized in one place. To add, it's almost too quantitative and is very selective about what is revealed to the player or not.

The game has a good (imo) element of player discovery and research--a population issue needs to be researched and surmised by the player using the whole reporting system. There is not a simple pop-up and lever to pull in order to move quickly back to unit counter pushing.

That said, there is a delicate balance, and I've made many specific posts about slapdash logging, reports, and tooltips in game. Not to simplify, but to add consistent meaning and unambiguous language to what is being shared with the player.

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