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tyronec -> New patch ? (7/18/2020 4:01:35 PM)

Does anyone know if there are going to be any more patches for this game ?
I for one hope it will continue, even after WITE2 comes out there will still be some demand for it. WITE2 is a better game and an improved game but it up one level of complexity and am sure some people will continue to enjoy playing WITE. However it does feel like it could do with some maintenance, for me if the air war were even back to what it was a few patches ago that would make the difference between definitely playing again as against not quite sure.

eskuche -> RE: New patch ? (7/18/2020 5:48:25 PM)

The last patch was just two months again. Even though morvael isn't as active on the forums recently I'm sure he and Denniss are working on it.

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