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countrboy -> Frozen rivers? (7/16/2020 12:09:39 PM)

Silly question, when do the rivers freeze? I was under the impression that at some stage in winter the rivers froze over, which negated their defensive assistance?

Telemecus -> RE: Frozen rivers? (7/16/2020 1:09:23 PM)

They do - it happens when the ice level is high enough

eskuche -> RE: Frozen rivers? (7/16/2020 4:54:21 PM)

Check manual but I believe minors freeze at ice 5 and majors at ice 8. Between 0 and freeze, MP cost to move and attack across increase gradually to account for partially iced sludge streams.

countrboy -> RE: Frozen rivers? (7/16/2020 9:54:44 PM)

Thanks guys.

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