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Iron Knight -> Unit Formation Issue (7/15/2020 2:30:53 AM)

Any idea why this won't work?


Twotribes -> RE: Unit Formation Issue (7/15/2020 2:58:33 AM)

It says you only have 26 percent of items. Not sure what is happening other then that.

lloydster4 -> RE: Unit Formation Issue (7/15/2020 3:41:31 AM)

Which version are you running?

seiSetill -> RE: Unit Formation Issue (7/15/2020 8:54:51 AM)


ORIGINAL: Iron Knight

Any idea why this won't work?

What's your current oil?

Shards -> RE: Unit Formation Issue (7/15/2020 11:33:23 AM)

This feels like a bug/edge case as you've got 85% of the units in your SHQ and enough LIS to get those unit to that Hex...

Would you be able to attach a save game?

Iron Knight -> RE: Unit Formation Issue (7/15/2020 5:21:46 PM)

Oil: 36.5k


Also occasionally seeing a bug where all my artifacts disappear, but that does't stick on reload/endturn.

Save File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f367vyg1hpr8ys7/Game9-15.se1?dl=0

Shards -> RE: Unit Formation Issue (7/15/2020 5:51:40 PM)


I was seeing something similar in a Beta7 game, I'm not sure that the top bar is updating as you change options down below (e.g. which model to build, whether to take from SHQ).

Sieppo -> RE: Unit Formation Issue (7/16/2020 11:05:01 AM)

The reason i don't use betas [:D]...

mek42 -> RE: Unit Formation Issue (7/16/2020 1:12:28 PM)


lloydster4 -> RE: Unit Formation Issue (7/16/2020 8:09:38 PM)


ORIGINAL: Iron Knight

Seems to be some bugs with raising formations in recent betas. I suggest you make a report in the tech forum.

Vic -> RE: Unit Formation Issue (7/18/2020 8:01:34 AM)

Thanks for the save file!
I think i broke something in a relatively recent open beta.
Will be repairing for the upcoming open beta 9.

best wishes,

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