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Shellshock -> Operation Torch (7/15/2020 1:25:24 AM)

Does the Torch to Tunisia scenario include the various amphibious landings and local fighting with Vichy French Forces, or does it start after?

Joel Billings -> RE: Operation Torch (7/15/2020 4:57:15 AM)

It starts just after the landing, and doesn't include the fighting with the Vichy forces.

Shellshock -> RE: Operation Torch (7/15/2020 11:41:14 AM)

Thanks Joel. Seems like it might be the choice scenario for re-learning certain aspects of the game, without getting too swamped in units.

Joel Billings -> RE: Operation Torch (7/17/2020 6:55:33 PM)

Yes, in development I found the Torch campaign to be one of the most interesting. Relatively low unit count but a lot of interesting action (including the retreat all the way from Tobruk to Tunisia) that is highly dependent on the logistics situation.

Shellshock -> RE: Operation Torch (7/19/2020 7:18:50 PM)

So, I'm starting my first run of Torch to Tunisia as the Western Allies. My question for now is do I really need to alter the starting Allied air directives much? I imagine at some point I'll have to bring Allied bombers and fighters further forward to try and interdict Axis supply from Italy when forward airfields improve. I just don't want to end up in a Luftwaffe meat grinder.

loki100 -> RE: Operation Torch (7/19/2020 9:05:55 PM)

keep them back for a while - (a) the LW is far better and (b) they will eat your supplies. For the British, its all about supply drops to support the advance. for the formations in Algeria, start to bomb Tunis to hit resupply (also a naval interdiction) but take your time.

After a few turns, you'ii improve your supply position and then you can rotate in your fighters - its then a case of attrition to wear down the LW

Shellshock -> RE: Operation Torch (7/19/2020 10:47:40 PM)

Thanks for the advice.

Speaking of using supply drops to maintain the advance, could someone point out the air transport mode button to me? I tried hitting F9, and selecting a staging field but nothing comes up. I must be missing a step somewhere.

jacktimes2 -> RE: Operation Torch (7/19/2020 10:54:18 PM)

Edit: Nevermind.

Shellshock -> RE: Operation Torch (7/20/2020 3:46:17 AM)

Okay, I sussed out my missing step. It's that air operation that takes place in the ground phase.

The AI Rommel is going to be enjoying his clueless opponent for the next few weeks. [:D]

Shellshock -> RE: Operation Torch (7/26/2020 5:30:50 AM)

I'm enjoying this scenario so far. However, one thing I've learned already is that you want to boost the supply priority at Valletta and Gibraltar air bases right away. They start at priority zero and the air groups based there run low on fuel pretty quick.

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