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mdsmall -> Simultaneous turns? (7/14/2020 2:55:07 PM)

Following on from the last thread, I see that the Game Editor allows you to change settings to makes turns simultaneous. How does movement and combat work with simultaneous turns? I imagine it would make for a radically different game if units moved at the same time and most combats occurred when they bumped into each other, rather than the careful sequencing of unit moves that alternating turns allow.

Xsillione -> RE: Simultaneous turns? (7/14/2020 4:06:33 PM)

AFAIk it just means the turn timer will work differently, and most importantly give the same weather for both side, making it a bit less random.

Elessar2 -> RE: Simultaneous turns? (7/15/2020 12:22:35 AM)

As I've twice pointed out recently, it gives the same weather to both sides. But, since this is a IGO/YUGO game, that gives an advantage to the first player (usually the Axis/Central Powers), who will know what the weather will be like for his opponent, and can plan accordingly.

Thus officially issuing a wish for an option for a weather forecast for the next turn (that both sides can be aware of), to eliminate this asymmetry.

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