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tinjaw -> Map Bookmarks (7/12/2020 3:12:52 PM)

I don't know what keys to use. Maybe Alt + F1-F12. Use with Ctrl to set a map bookmark. Then you can set maps to be centered on the action that might not be near a city (which already have map bookmarks).

vlad1492 -> RE: Map Bookmarks (7/12/2020 5:23:58 PM)

This would be mighty handy when using 'Strategic Move' to shift a doomstack across the map.
Of course, so would a 'GROUP Strategic Move'

Alcatar -> RE: Map Bookmarks (7/13/2020 12:23:53 PM)

Oh this would be great! Moving the camera can be agonising...

I am struggling every turn to move between each of my 5 fronts, plus the various roads and zones to manage supplies. I zoom out to move the camera, sometimes even using the minimap - not sure if the speed is partly down to my CPU/spec.

This is made worse by my method: I first manage the cities/economic matters, then deal with all military/unit matters - so there's more camera movement than might otherwise be necessary.

I should use the city bookmarks more often too.. I'm so used to keeping SHQ inventory on screen all the time as I try to manage efficient economic growth.


ORIGINAL: vlad1492
Of course, so would a 'GROUP Strategic Move'

That's another good idea, though I'd say Map Bookmarks should be priority :)

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