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Alcatar -> Regime Statistics - issues & solutions (7/12/2020 2:05:56 PM)

I wanted to use Stats to check the happiness of the 3 cities I've conquered recently, but I ran into a problem on the Regime Statistics screen:
1) Figures overlap/hide others - some are almost perfectly hidden behind others.
2) Insufficient colours for all cities - there appear to be only 10 colours, and all greys after that look indistinguishable from the Capital's colour (in the graph, not the legend).

In this screenshot I'm now controlling 9 cities, however, as I rename each after taking control and because the graph stretches to Round 1, every defunct name is included.


Suggested Improvements:
1) If the maximum happiness is 100 (it is to my knowledge), the top of the graph could end at 120, allowing values to spread out more.
2a) Add a function to zoom into the recent history (latest 5 or 10 turns?), so that current data can be read more clearly.
2b) I would also suggest the colouring of cities would be based on this more recent view and used in the view covering all rounds - this would mean renamed/lost/destroyed cities won't lead to old names using the best colours.
3a) Increase the number of colours available - I expect most games would see a victor control more than 10 cities.
3b) Differentiate the colour of the capital and those beyond the allocated colours, because while they look different in the legend,
4) Add a toggle that tags each line with the name of that city - especially useful when conquering cities in quick succession and they're all colourless.

I can't find this mentioned, so although I'm playing a game started in 1.03-b2 (while updated to 1.04-b6), this issue may not have been addressed.

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