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Cheimison -> Newb Triple Alliance Campaign, Difficulty & Scripts Qs (7/11/2020 5:38:26 AM)

I played a few turns last night to get a handle on the interface. I think I'd like to play a bit of a skewed difficulty for the first campaign I go through. My intuition would be that the best way to do this (aside from the AI debuffs) would be to play Germany in the Triple Alliance, and switch off scripts that bring the US into the war.

I looked through and found some where the US was complaining about German sub attacks, as well as the Zimmerman telegram stuff. Anything else relevant? Will this keep the US out, or just delay their entry?

Also, if some countries are AI controlled on my side do they also receive the AI debuffs, or is it only the opposition? I ask because to me it looked like most of the Entente countries were still producing more MPPs than Italy/Austria, even though I'd turned on MPP reduction. Germany seems to be more powerful than the rest of the Central Powers combined?

Xsillione -> RE: Newb Triple Alliance Campaign, Difficulty & Scripts Qs (7/11/2020 8:30:16 AM)

There is a constant push for the US in the triple alliance, to balance (somewhat) the italian switch, but without any other source, it will not bring the us into war before '17.

Yes, AH, Ottoman and Italy is weak by nature. AH gets a bit better, after they take over the balkan (and if you let them have it, instead of boosting the Germans more), Ottomans will struggle to get new territory, you might try Persia, after clearing out Basra.

Italy even loses the lybia in this variant, so they are weaker than in the normal version, you might try to take lybia and fro mthere, pick of the french colonies, or just push into france and grab some land that way.

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