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bairdlander -> some advice (7/10/2020 1:49:44 AM)

I invaded SU in May 41.Currently August.Any advice on how to continue?


Flaviusx -> RE: some advice (7/10/2020 1:53:09 AM)

You need more panzers down south otherwise you are never going to clean up this situation. I see all of one panzer corps, where are the rest of them at?

What's worse, I see partisan problems here. You don't have the rear well covered. You might even lose some of those planes if you aren't careful and they pop up.

Flaviusx -> RE: some advice (7/10/2020 1:54:25 AM)

For the sake of comparison my Barbarossa German army typically has a half dozen panzer corps south of the Pripyet and that many again up north.

bairdlander -> RE: some advice (7/10/2020 2:04:34 AM)

second screenshot.I only have 5 pz corps.Maybe invaded too early.


Flaviusx -> RE: some advice (7/10/2020 2:10:25 AM)

Wow. You got your build order badly wrong here and it is too late to fix it.

For future reference once France is out, you need to pump out one such corps every other turn for the remainder of 40. And once thatīs done, a few extra HQs and maybe some more air both interceptors and perhaps more dive bombers, I like to have 5 total of those and you start with 2. You donīt need to worry about infantry until 1941. The stuff you start with is more than enough, and they also are cheap and fast to produce, so you have to get the big ticket items out of the way first and then switch over to infantry corps spam early in 41 and more or less just keep pumping those out for the rest of the game until you hit your logistical cap. You may want 2 or 3 more panzers down the line after this but Iīve never had more than 14 or 15 total. From 41 on you are going to be mostly building trucks, replacements, infantry, maybe some flak, and fighters. If you havenīt frontloaded your builds to get the panzers mostly out before invading the Soviet Union, well, you are stuck.

bairdlander -> RE: some advice (7/10/2020 2:17:46 AM)

Thanks.I will load save after France fell in May 40 and restart.

sveint -> RE: some advice (7/10/2020 4:13:19 AM)

If it's against the AI, it's not that bad. Take Flaviusx' advice.
Split your Hungarians etc into divisions as rear area troops.
Secure the rail lines for supply and keep pushing, but don't push TOO deep,
some of your panzers are too exposed. Eliminate those bypassed Soviet
units first.

baloo7777 -> RE: some advice (7/10/2020 10:30:40 PM)

I am wondering how you build like that and still upgrade (or reinforce) units?

Flaviusx -> RE: some advice (7/10/2020 10:41:11 PM)

With careful budgeting. Germany should end up with around 300 production points per turn when France falls. By the end of 1940 that will be north of 350 and possibly pushing 375 depending on additional conquests and minors activating.

It takes 396 points to build a heavy 1940 panzer corps. So you can squeeze one in every other turn and still have more than 100 points left over for other things. If you want to defer upgrades and replacements, you can squeeze in even more into the build queue.

The quicker France falls, the better. You will have close to a year to put your army in order and something like 8000 build points to play with, and that is plenty of time and production to assemble a right proper invasion force for Barbarossa. The British are no threat to you and this is a long and mostly quiet time with secondary operations. This assumes no Sea Lion, naturally. I don't think it is possible to do both Sea Lion and a 41 Barbarossa against a good UK player.

This is a strategic game. You can't just push panzers around and call it a day. You have to sit down and think carefully about your economy and what to do with it. Know what your economy is capable of, how much things cost, how long they take to build, and plan accordingly. This is true for all the countries. And Germany isn't even the most complicated country to plan for. (I would say the Soviets take the cake here and it took me forever to arrive at a satisfactory build order for them.)

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