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adarbrauner -> Disembarking at sea (7/9/2020 9:50:14 AM)

I have an organized land unit, during the land movement phase (land movement points available), which apparently can't disembark anywhere...

where am I wrong, if?


adarbrauner -> RE: Disembarking at sea (7/9/2020 10:03:48 AM)

Found answer, at the Debark Land units phase.

Which, according to Rules, should not constitute a separate phase from land movements?

Orm -> RE: Disembarking at sea (7/9/2020 11:05:55 AM)

It is a separate phase.

Cut from RAC:
3.1 Sequence of play
The sequence of play in a turn is:
Repeat D1 through D3 until the action stage ends.
D1 Determine weather
D2 First sideís impulse
Every major power on the first side performs these steps:
D2.1 Declare war
D2.2 Choose action
Choose either a Pass, a Naval, an Air, a Land or a Combined action.
D2.3 Perform actions
The major powers that didnít pass perform these steps in this order (their action choice will limit
what they can do ~ see action limits table):
(a) Port attacks
(b) Naval air missions
(c) Naval movement
(d) Phasing playerís naval combat
(e) Non-phasing playerís naval combat
(f) Strategic bombardment
(g) Carpet bombing (option 32)
(h) Ground strike missions
(i) Rail movement
(j) Land movement
(k) Air transport
(l) Debark land units at sea
(m) Invasions
(n) Paradrops
(o) Land combat
(p) Air rebases
(q) Reorganization
D2.4 End of action
Roll to end the action stage. If it doesnít end, advance the impulse marker the number of spaces
shown on the weather chart for the current weather roll. If it ends, move on to stage E.
D3 Second sideís impulse
If the action stage didnít end, repeat the steps in D2 for the second side. If the action stage doesnít
end after the second sideís impulse, go back to D1.

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