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mdsmall -> Disbanding and build limits (7/8/2020 6:49:29 PM)

Is it possible to disband a unit at one place on the board and then be able to rebuild it and deploy it later elsewhere on the board? For example, as the Entente, my artillery unit in Mesopotamia has accomplished its mission when I capture Baghdad. Given supply and movement limits or artillery, it will take me forever to move or transport this unit to another useful location. However if I disbanded it, would it increase my build limit for artillery - thus enabling me to build an additional artillery unit which I could deploy on the Western Front? It's an expensive choice but it could be worth making if you knew that it would enable you to build a new artillery unit in a much more useful location. (This tactic would only makes sense if you are playing with hard build limits).

Xsillione -> RE: Disbanding and build limits (7/8/2020 11:29:34 PM)

Disbanding gives you back the unit limit, so yes, you can rebuild it, but not sure if it gives you a star or just goes into nothing and have to pay the full price. So it will be quite a long rebuild too.

But there is also a trick to this, sometimes the units given by events allow you to go over the limit (if you bought to the limit, you still get the event based unit, but losing your over the limit units won't give you option to build, since you still have all your available units on the map.)

Also with operations you usually can get the unit out even if it would move super slowly, like the art. But maybe you are under the supply if in the middle-east.

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