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chb75 -> [1.04b5] Hero of the nation (7/8/2020 4:55:49 PM)

The card doesnt work, "Already is a Hero of the nation" for all the leaders, even those just recruited

zgrssd -> RE: [1.04b5] Hero of the nation (7/8/2020 5:27:48 PM)

Could there be another issue like lack of PP?
Sometimes one error message becomes the de-facto default and is used in error.

Of course Vic just changed it to add this protection. That might have caused this kind of issue.

GodwinW -> RE: [1.04b5] Hero of the nation (7/8/2020 9:32:57 PM)

I hope he didn't code it so there can only be 1 Hero of the Nation. Anyway...

chb75, did you start a new game? In the last beta version? Was needed for the fix.

chb75 -> RE: [1.04b5] Hero of the nation (7/9/2020 8:40:58 AM)

yes it was a fresh new game with the new patch, and i had (and i still have) enough pp.
I dont think to have assigned even one, but i can be wrong here.

Vic -> RE: [1.04b5] Hero of the nation (7/9/2020 3:47:31 PM)

Confirmed! Screwed up the repair. Will fix with beta6. Apologies.

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