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actrade -> Change Regime Capital Name, Change Militia Names Automatically? (7/8/2020 1:01:01 PM)

The first thing I do when I start a new game is change my regime name capital to match my regime name. However, the starting militia maintains the default regime/capital name. Can that be changed to make it possible to have your initial militia unit names match your capital/regime name?

Malevolence -> RE: Change Regime Capital Name, Change Militia Names Automatically? (7/8/2020 5:06:56 PM)

Ugh. The name rules. I do not believe there is a canonical name module built into the game--change once, see everywhere.

It's the reason why allowing name changes, like characters, is a significant refactor.

Such a module isn't something that can be slapdashed together.

It impacts all reporting and records. The more you allowed the player see from the beginning, the more the changes impact the game with a change. Favorably, we players get to see many things in this game.

For example, if the character name changes at turn 6, how are the recorded and stored (i.e. archived) reports for the period of turns between 1 and 6 saved?

Do all the decision texts generated (with substitution?) at the start of the turn use the correct name, if the name change was made sometime in the middle of the turn?

How are unique id's for entities generated and stored? If two characters cannot have the same name, the unique id maybe the name. In that instance, a name change may cause the entire graph to collapse.

Those considerations needed to be handled during early design and tooling. Temporal data management.

Data -> Information -> Knowledge.


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