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FAA -> Temporary airforce - ideas for the interim (7/8/2020 10:36:34 AM)

It will probably be some months at least before Vic includes any big features, what if until then itís introduced through Stratagems played in certain enemy regions like spies and lower enemy unitsí combat readiness, lower xp and such? Even plane graphics are there so it must be a breeze to include and it would temporarily fix one of the biggest missing things in SE.

Stratagem could be unlocked at TL 2 or 3 and how often you get it depends on what your military budget is.

zgrssd -> RE: Temporary airforce - ideas for the interim (7/8/2020 11:42:20 AM)

Hmm. Games often used a simpler base mechanic to implement new stuff, before they fully fleshed out the mechanic.

A Stratagem based airforce would propably a okay-ish starting point, until it becomes a proper Sytem.

Malevolence -> RE: Temporary airforce - ideas for the interim (7/8/2020 2:03:28 PM)

For your situational awareness, the basis for ships and airplanes is already baked inside the master and scenario files. I know that for certain. It's definitely based on WW2.

I guess the tough part is integrating such things into the game's new design/code and to not break the balance. As was mentioned by others, every new feature requires the AI to understand use the feature too.

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