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Desertmole -> Box Issues (7/7/2020 6:20:59 PM)

Decided to try my hand again after several years away. I reloaded HUCE on my computer, but have a problem with the various display boxes. When I attempt to attack, for example, the Attack box opens but only partially. The box is too small to see all my options. It will display the weapons for launch, for example, but not the fire and cancel buttons. When I try to drag the box to a larger size it will not open out.

I seem to recall reading about this years ago on the forum, but mot of the older threads are gone and I suspect the response is gone with it. Anyone know how to fix this problem?

TonyE -> RE: Box Issues (7/7/2020 7:05:24 PM)

Desertmole, give a try. Close the game, run that download, the fire up the game again. The dialog box sizes and positions will reset/recalculate to default.

Desertmole -> RE: Box Issues (7/7/2020 7:25:04 PM)


Thanks! Spot on!


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