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GodwinW -> Ability to choose starting location (7/5/2020 3:11:53 PM)

When making planets I often find myself wishing I end up somewhere, only to not end up there.

Would be cool if there was an option to choose your starting location, even with 'full FOW after planet generation (so you do not see other colonization info)'.

zgrssd -> RE: Ability to choose starting location (7/5/2020 4:05:25 PM)


Or at least some way to give a rough idea - polar start, equatorial start, no nearby majors - for the environment.

A lot of modern games with random maps actually force some guaranteed things to spawn around each Major player:
Stellaris decides how the closest ~4 Systems look.
And with Age of Wonders Planetfall, there usually is a Landmark and Cosmite source suspiciously close to the starting point. And that is after they cut rules like "Amazons always start in Arcadian Forrests", wich was a bit too obvious.

It doesn ot need to be much. Just enough to flatten the randomnes of the map a bit.

GodwinW -> RE: Ability to choose starting location (7/5/2020 5:49:55 PM)

That's a decent fallback, but ideally I'd choose the hex myself, and then indeed maybe some forest gets cleared and maybe a ruin existed nearby or a water/metal source etc. spawns depending on existing rules.

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