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OldCrowBalthazor -> Submarine Supply (7/5/2020 7:24:42 AM)

I understand the supply rules on subs when it comes down to raiding convoy routes. I also understand that a sub submerged or on the surface can take a toll on the British NM hexes without loss of supply if not adjacent to a convoy route. What I was wondering is if supply of a sub sitting on a raider hex (red cross hatch like off Halifax) takes a supply hit 1 per turn if submerged or not and adjacent/or not to a convoy route. That was a mouth full Haha. I haven't tested this yet but going to find out soon playing in a pbem. It's a long voyage to Canada but I think it's worth it for at least 1 sub flotte in early game to hazard my opponent o7[:D]

Xsillione -> RE: Submarine Supply (7/5/2020 7:33:49 AM)

Red hex blockade don't eat supply, you don't have to even be in raiding mode, just sit on the hexes. The only downside, that most of them are close to the enemy ports and coast, so you will be visible. Of course, if all destroyers in UK, than popping out near Canada will be problem for the enemy, and take several turns to travel, while you can raid freely.

OldCrowBalthazor -> RE: Submarine Supply (7/5/2020 7:42:47 AM)

I thought so...thanx
I sent my first turn CP sub over Canada way...those boyz are going to be horney as hell cause its a year long voyage at least [:D]

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