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akashamon -> PBEM++ switching users (7/4/2020 9:15:44 PM)

My friend and I usually play PBEM++ since we live far away. We are now visiting each other and would like to continue our PBEM++ game using one computer.

Both of us own the game through our steam accounts, and use our own Matrix account to login (normally from our own PCs) when playing PBEM++.

Right now I am logged into my Steam and then my Matrix accounts on his PC but when the PBEM++ server loads the saved PBEM games using my username and password I do not see my games, I see my opponents games.

Also in the top right side I can see my opponents username 'BlackLancer' (even though I connected to the server with my username/pw).

Is the PBEM++ game saved locally, or on a matrix server? (This might explain the issue)

Or perhaps somehow (maybe because of steam) when the Matrix server is pinged with a login for any username it downloads only the first usernames account who logged in on the specific PC?

Not sure, but would appreciate if anyone has figured a way to play a PBEM++ game on the same PC by logging in and out of the different users or have a work around for doing so.


Hubert Cater -> RE: PBEM++ switching users (7/6/2020 2:44:04 PM)

I don't believe it will really work as the PBEM++ system needs more than just the username and password, I believe it matches against the unique game registration serial number applied as well. So switching back and forth between Steam library accounts won't work as that unique game registration serial number has already been assigned to your PC from the first install and use of the PBEM++ server.

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