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ccleary -> Construction Report (7/3/2020 2:27:28 PM)

It would be very helpful if a construction report was added to the reports list, showing items under construction across all zones and what construction finished this turn. Once you have more than a few zones keeping track of what's going on in each one is very time consuming, and with later tiers of construction taking multiple turns it can require a fair chunk of time to determine if you've already addressed a resource shortage through things currently being built or if action is required. Would also help with times when I know I want to start on the next tier right away, but can easily have lost track of the building when it finishes four+ turns later.

I'm aware of the per-zone reports, but for this purpose they have a lot of extraneous information in them, and you still have the problem of needing to click through each zone rather than getting the overall picture you'd get from a consolidated report.

zgrssd -> RE: Construction Report (7/3/2020 4:41:42 PM)


eddyvegas -> RE: Construction Report (7/3/2020 4:57:56 PM)

Absolutely. I think this was my first suggestion ever on this forum. No reason to hide this positive feedback from the player.

Gozzon -> RE: Construction Report (7/3/2020 7:04:25 PM)

Would be even better if you could click on a construction report line and it would bring you to the zone so that you could queue next building

Vic -> RE: Construction Report (7/10/2020 10:23:43 AM)

its on my list. not super high priority but on it!

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