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yammahoper -> Return to PC Gaming (6/30/2020 8:48:44 PM)

Hello everyone. It is nice to be back. I came to Matrix when Empires in Arms was being developed. I left PC ownership for the last 8 years or so but recently returned.

Any advice on Empires in Arms style games? I've played Advanced Third Reich and Squad Leader, which describes my possible range of interest.

Thanks in advance. I'm hoping to clear up my current predicament with ordering EiA. I emailed my original email receipt with key code hoping to recover an already purchased game, but alas. So I just ordered EiA and my payment was denied...I guess my account is flagged while they look closer? Cool. It will all work out.

PS: Matrix Games, I'm willing to pay again. I just want to play now lmao.

pzgndr -> RE: Return to PC Gaming (7/1/2020 10:44:44 AM)

Welcome back. I have continued development of EIA, so you'll find it much improved and still improving. For A3R, you're welcomed to check out my mod HERE for Strategic Command WWII War in Europe. It's good stuff. Enjoy!

yammahoper -> RE: Return to PC Gaming (7/1/2020 3:05:09 PM)

Awesome! My plan is !) buy game 2) installed latest patch. 3) THE RETURN OF THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE...or crushing defeat.

Does your mod require the latest patch/ Does it include it? Ya know, I'll just read the thread.

Sigh. My order just failed to go through again. I guess first I have to contact...err...someone.

VPaulus -> RE: Return to PC Gaming (7/1/2020 4:58:59 PM)

You've to contact support[at]

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