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froggles2005 -> Looking for more People to play with (6/30/2020 3:44:20 PM)

I already have some games going on but I have more than enough time on my hands can guarantee several turns per day. Just looking for some people to play scenarios and have fun with.

Please contact me on discord Logan.#8760 or if you do not have discord by email frogglesandwp (its a gmail account)

Hellen_slith -> RE: Looking for more People to play with (7/4/2020 3:23:38 PM)

Hey, Froggles. One of the more fun scenes (I think) is Bob's "The Next War 1979"

I've done several AARs for that one,
the link is to the one I did that was an "intro" to the scene.


look at those, and if you would like to give that one a go,
let me know! I'll play either side,
Okay, well, have a great day!

PS: also, I was going to say, sometimes I just post a challenge on the server,
without any password, usually I get an opponent in pretty quick time (a day or two)

I don't know what the discord is...is that something you can talk on?

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