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Bashkire -> Add Side A's Aircraft to Neutral Airport (6/29/2020 8:11:44 PM)

Hello chaps,

I'm working on a scenario involving an advanced insurgent group versus my task group, but I'm having a bit of trouble deceiving the player.

In this scenario, the insurgent group has captured some military jets from the country's military, and are using civilian airports to launch attacks from. I don't want the player to simply see a red airport and attack everything in the sky, so I've also got some civilian aircraft doing the rounds and transiting from A to B as commercial air traffic. What I would like is for the player to be lulled into a false sense of security by this, and eventually, the insurgents may just launch an attack from one of these airports.

The problem I have is that I can't seem to add a hostile aircraft to a neutral airport. Does anyone have any ideas?
Going into Gods Eye view allows me to add an aircraft to an airport from the perpective of the insurgents, but because the airport is civilian it adds it to the civilian's side.

I'm at a bit of a loss.

Thanks chaps. Let me know if you want me to clarify anything.

michaelm75au -> RE: Add Side A's Aircraft to Neutral Airport (6/30/2020 1:08:38 AM)

I can't recall if anyone has tried this before - adding hostiles to a non-allied base.

KnightHawk75 -> RE: Add Side A's Aircraft to Neutral Airport (6/30/2020 3:14:37 AM)

This can be done with some minor caveats

Here is how you accomplish it.
I have 3 sides, wc,ec,neutral; wc\ec are hostile to one another neutral is neutral to both (green)
(now you can add the units via lua too but I'll give the editor way).
1. Flip to the neutral side in the editor and add the specific units to the airport you want for you insurgents as non-allied aircraft for now.
In my case I chose the side wc as the insurgents. Now for this example rename the aircraft (or one if you added multiple) to 'bagman #1'.
Don't give it a loadout yet.
2.Now open the lua console and paste this in.

local u = ScenEdit_GetUnit({side="neutral",name='bagman #1'});

3.Hit run.
4.Now switch sides to your insurgents (again in my case side WC)
5.Flip on god mod (ctrl-v) and select the airport (you might have to re-selected it if was already selected to 'refresh' it for the new side view)
Open the airops screen for it, it will now let you assign a loadout for the aircraft you own, but not ones you don't. Go ahead and assign a loadout for bagman #1 as a test and close the airops screen.
6.Turn off god mode.
You should be able to now assign him to a mission or whatever that you activate when\if the time is right on insurgent side.
The unit will by default keep airbase as it's home base and successfully return\land.

The caveat really is if you try this in reverse, ie have the player have stuff at a neutral base, the human will not have access to god mode when outside the editor to the airops screen - but you could give them some special actions to kick off a launch via lua or tell them about it and to use a mission to launch them if they're ready to go. Once airborne they would have full-control and could re-base said aircraft.

There is also something I also noticed with mags. When they land they seem to add munitions to the neutral sides mags from whatever was on their own plane, and re-taking off they don't seem to take from the mag even though they do restock their loadout. IE if give the neutral base 8 sbd's and land a wc f-22 with that loadout who launched an fired 1, and he lands with 7 at the neutral airfield the neutral mags will go from 8 to 15, when it's ready again it will launch with 8 and the mag stays at 15.

TheOttoman -> RE: Add Side A's Aircraft to Neutral Airport (6/30/2020 10:19:01 PM)

Couldn't you have three sides here:

Blue (You)
Red (Insurgents)
Green (Civ Airfields)

In the posture, make the following:

Blue is Hostile to Red
Blue is Neutral to Green
Red is Hostile to Blue
Red is Friendly to Green
Green is Neutral to Blue
Green is Friendly (or Neutral) to Red

IIRC, air units can land at neutral or friendly airbases but not hostile. That should keep the Civilian Airfields looking neutral to Blue, and more importantly Blue cannot see which planes are based there (unless they do a visual inspection)

Gunner98 -> RE: Add Side A's Aircraft to Neutral Airport (7/2/2020 1:24:12 AM)

I think TheOttoman has it. Allied sides can use each others bases and as long as the Blue player is neutral to the Green side it should work fine.


KnightHawk75 -> RE: Add Side A's Aircraft to Neutral Airport (7/2/2020 3:23:09 AM)

Once you get into 'friendly' unless you blind the neutral side, they will share information\contacts, I don't think the op wanted that, but could be wrong.

Bashkire -> RE: Add Side A's Aircraft to Neutral Airport (7/2/2020 8:39:15 PM)

Thanks for all the replies, guys.

@MICHAELM75AU; thank you very much. Your idea has worked wonderfully (although for some reason the code didn't work originally, but after a restart it did).

@THEOTTOMAN; I'll keep your idea in mind. It certainly has less steps than Michael's, and it's something that I didn't even think about. @KNIGHTHAWK75; my civilian sides are set to blind, but as I said: I didn't even consider Ottoman's idea.

Thanks forall the help, guys.

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