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pinky -> Colonization question (6/29/2020 12:24:03 AM)


Trying to create a new city to lessen admin strain but it keeps saying that it has no logistical points. I put it on a road with a truck station and made a new zone. Using the 'current logistical points' overlay it says 2356 in green and 1216 in yellow. Not sure what I'm missing.


Clux -> RE: Colonization question (6/29/2020 6:57:40 AM)

What's happening most likely its than the new zone doesn't have enough workers and the truck station its not working at 100%.

GodwinW -> RE: Colonization question (6/29/2020 10:37:03 AM)

What's probably happening is that your SHQ is not connected to your new city.
In that case, your truck station doesn't matter as your SHQ cannot use it (all their inventory is at their location).

So connect the 2 cities via road (with logistics points down it) OR make the new city its own SHQ (latter not advised if the former is possible).

WCG -> RE: Colonization question (6/29/2020 12:30:41 PM)



What's probably happening is that your SHQ is not connected to your new city.

Or else it's connected, but there's a bottleneck along the way?

I'm still unsure about how that works - or if a bottleneck would even affect the ability to create a new city - but I do know that you can have a black bottleneck coming from the SHQ, even though it can still show green after that. But green or not, you won't be able to get stuff from the SHQ.

Pinky, I'm just a beginner, so take everything I say with a large grain of salt. But you might try checking the bottleneck overlay. Is there unused LP all along the route from the capital (from the SHQ)?

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