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baloo7777 -> Upgrades (6/28/2020 6:56:01 PM)

Do British units in the Middle East upgrade? Or do you have to send them back to England to upgrade them? If I have a carrier fleet in the Eastern Med, and I get new carrier tech advancement, is it worth waiting for it to reach Alexandria? So far with the British, I've not had much luck with upgrades or reinforcements in Egypt. I can understand Tripoli being short on supplies for Italian replacements, which I have experienced, but my understanding of the Middle Eastern Theater was that it was well sup[plied from British East India sources before the war with Japan began. So in 1940 and 1941 the British should be able to upgrade and reinforce much easier than I've experienced in the two pbem games I've been the Allies. Is it based on the luck of a die roll? I have tried turning off all units in England and putting my upgrade to full (300) and after 2 turns had absolutely no upgrades in units in the Middle East?

sillyflower -> RE: Upgrades (6/28/2020 10:55:54 PM)


ORIGINAL: baloo7777

Do British units in the Middle East upgrade?

mine always do

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