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PongoDeMer -> Amphibious APCs (6/28/2020 2:04:36 PM)

I am currently about half way through the 'Winter Desolation' scenario.

While carrying out my tactical appreciation, I came up with "a cunning plan." BTR 50s are amphibious, so why not swim one of my rifle companies through Kirkkojavi to where my T55s are holed up? A company or so's worth of infantry in that narrow wooded isthmus to the front of my tanks would surely be just what was needed. Unfortunately, the game wouldn't let me do it.

Could anybody tell me why my amphibious BTRs can't swim?

Thanks in advance,

Pongo de Mer

Veitikka -> RE: Amphibious APCs (6/30/2020 12:08:33 AM)

There has been discussion about amphibious vehicles:

I think such operations require proper planning, and are not done spontaneously. In 'Winter Desolation' there's a great hurry to block to enemy, so there's no time to cross the water obstacle.

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