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wolf14455 -> Promise of capturing city? (6/27/2020 12:31:55 PM)

Turn3 (30th restart for learning)I got this advice: Conquer city at hex 47,24. Remember you promised this.
My closest hex is at 37,15. Im sure I havent promised that. Bug or lack of game rule knowledge?

Twotribes -> RE: Promise of capturing city? (6/27/2020 1:38:53 PM)

Never seen it do that with out a pop up asking you to do it. What version?

zgrssd -> RE: Promise of capturing city? (6/27/2020 1:41:32 PM)

Pretty sure you promised it at some point. Maybe that "general wants to join" Quest? It is dang easy to not properly read the quests you are accepting.

Maybe you never picked a choice, it thus fell to your secretary and he made the choice to comit?

wolf14455 -> RE: Promise of capturing city? (6/27/2020 2:38:46 PM)

Well Im Swedish so I guess I skip parts of text to speed up gameplay. Leader joining? Then Im probably just click yes. and to answer your question Twotribes: I got the latest 1.03 I think. Cant do an update anyway as the game say I got the latest.[:)]

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