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zgrssd -> Reading a SHQ Logistics Details (6/26/2020 11:53:42 PM)

Reading the SHQ Logistics Details is one of the most important steps to debugging what is wrong with the Logistics System. Unfortunately, it is lacking a manual and is running into a lot of special cases. I do not have any example for this, so I have to use someone elses problem case as example:

Free Shipping Included:
A whole bunch of things need a exisiting logistics network connection, but do not actually consume Logistics points while doing so. They travel "for free". This includes but is propably not limited to:
- Water, Fuel, Power. Considering that they are what is needed to even run the Logistics and the Food production, it is better that this does not consume capacity. However, Fuel and Energy can also mater for unit supply. But usually Ammo and Food dwarf it anyway
- Hex Assets. While they need enough Logistics (on roads) passing through their hex, they do not actually consume anything of it. Their consumption and production interacts directly with the Zone Inventory. Only once there, can Logistics Capacity be used up
- IP. As this is a abstract resource, it needs no moving around
- Emergency Food. Note that this is opposite to regular food, wich is a rather big consumer of Logistics
- Storage. The zones do not need most of their Storage Space, most of the time. So it is transfered to the SHQ. However this seems to be so free, it does not even appear in most logistics reports
- Stuff the SHQ is doing with the city it is in.

Note that a poor connetion might still limit how many/turn can be moved. I would need to do tests to be sure.

Logistics Limits:
I have no precise data, but asuming the normal split I would say 6000 Logistics were availible for the SHQ, using the normal 40/40/30/30 Split.

The SHQ has many jobs, and thus can not risk blowing all it's availible logistics on just one of them.
You can set how much the total Logistics will be reserved to be used primarily for this one part of the SHQ Job. The standart spread is:
SHQ > Zone: 40%
SHQ > Unit: 40%
Zone > SHQ: 30%
Replacement: 30%
I the first pass, the SHQ will not use more logistics then that.

A first pass implies a 2nd pass. However this behavior is not documented, only infered:
If there is still Logistics left after the "Replacement" step, the game will do another pass starting at "SHQ > Zone" - this time ignoring the limits.
If the only reason something could not be moved was said Limit and there are still some left, they are used now.

Any points still left after that, can be used for Raising Formations or Strategic Redeployment.


SHQ > Zone
3891 of goods requested
3891 of goods delivered
1159 of 2371 supply capacity used
The discrepancy is because of "Free Shipping" rules.

I call these "Zone Deliveries". Zones only start their pre-turn with what they got in storage from last turn. If that is not enough for this turns demand, they request the difference from the SHQ.
Free Shipping is: Water, Fuel, Electricity. As well as IP during construction
Definitely not free shipping is: Food, Metal and Rare Metals during construction

SHQ > Unit
2719 was requested
2700 could be delivered
2658 of 2371 Logistics used

Time to get some food and ammo to the frontline. This is usually the point where you notice an issue.
The bulk of this is going to be Food, followed by ammo.
You need 1 Food/100 Manpower/1 Subunit. So the Avarage Brigade is already 45 Food.
A bunch of ammo also went out. The consumption here is a lot less predictable, as units only use when fighting. And some units like Artillery can be really hungry for ammo.
About 42 Fuel or Energy were moved to units. However, those traveled for free.

Notice that 19 Units of something could not be delivered. That indicats a bottleneck or two somewhere between the SHQ and the units.

Zone > SHQ:
25938 was marked "for Pickup by SHQ"
15892 was actually picked up
2111 of 1779 Logistics used

"Zone Retreival", as I like to call it.
Maybe 3/5th made it through. And that is despite it having plenty points for a 2nd pass and a lot of the stuff travelling for free. Chances are, this is not teh first turn this happened, with non-retreived stuff gathering dust in the Zone Storage.
Food and Metal tend to be the big consumers here.
Recruits Settlers however are not to be underestimated - every unit costs 5 Logistics Points.
Ammo is pretty low factor, as aside from the Militia Reimbursement, Ammo is entirely created in the SHQ Workshops.

108 Subunits were requested
0 were delivered
0 of 1778 Logistics used

Requested can be a bit confusing, as it includes Replacements your Regular units wanted and the Militia wanted - including those Militia reinforcments for wich there is no replacement Subunit produced yet.
On the first pass, the SHQ had not yet run out of Logistics points. There was still ~10% or 600 points left. But there was a bottleneck leading to the units that actually had Replacements waiting for them. It propably ran into that bottleneck back in the SHQ > Unit step, but now it showed itself in full force.
Reinforcements are expensive for Logistics. 100 Soldiers "only" cost 5. But vehicles start ~20.

2nd Pass:
There was still ~600 left after Replacements was finished, so the 2nd pass began:
SHQ > Zone had no need for it. It fullfilled it's deliveries with 1/2 of the alloted Supply capacity on the first pass. And since everything requesed was delivered, it had (not yet) run into any bottlenecks. So still ~600 points left
SHQ > Unit could use ~300 of the 600 remaining. Those 19 it never delivered, propably had failed on the 1st pass due to a bottleneck farther down. But there were still units in another direction it could deliver to.
Zone > SHQ used the rest and still was massively short of what it was supposed to move.

Debugging the case:
This was a rare case where it was actually the SHQ part, that was bottlenecked. The Bottleneck overview revealed that the hexes just outside the city where black. The SHQ had actually run out of Supply capacity on the first few Kilometers. The SHQ needs the beefiest Logistics connection that Fuel can buy.
However there were the odd Yellow and Red Spots in teh System. Chance are, those would become the bottlenecks after the SHQ part was fixed.

I estimate that a whole half of the Empire was bottlenecked by the time the 1st pass had hit SHQ > Unit. Propably the half where fighting (losses and ammo use) and expanding was happening. No chance to collect for those zones or send out reinforcements.
The left half could still be somewhat managed. Indeed, the SHQ could still do stuff until it literally ran out of Logistics.

Kriegsspieler -> RE: Reading a SHQ Logistics Details (7/8/2020 2:23:08 PM)

This is all potentially quite useful, but where does one find the SHQ's logistics details? I have spent several frustrating minutes searching for this.

It might better help this post serve as a tutorial if you mentioned that somewhere. [;)]

demiare -> RE: Reading a SHQ Logistics Details (7/8/2020 2:26:45 PM)


ORIGINAL: Kriegsspieler

This is all potentially quite useful, but where does one find the SHQ's logistics details?

It's obvious from his picture :) If still not - select SHQ unit and if I'm remembering correctly - pick "logistic" tab ;)

Kriegsspieler -> RE: Reading a SHQ Logistics Details (7/8/2020 2:31:24 PM)

If it were obvious, I wouldn't have asked.
Please just tell me where it is. Clicking on the SHQ and then on the logistics tab on the right side does nothing.

jimwinsor -> RE: Reading a SHQ Logistics Details (7/8/2020 2:51:40 PM)


ORIGINAL: Kriegsspieler

If it were obvious, I wouldn't have asked.
Please just tell me where it is. Clicking on the SHQ and then on the logistics tab on the right side does nothing.

You need to click on the oil barrel on the left side panel:


Kriegsspieler -> RE: Reading a SHQ Logistics Details (7/8/2020 2:53:59 PM)

Yes, thanks. I had just found it.
sigh -- this game's presentation of information is whimsical, to say the least!

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