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angster -> Demeter - Automated Logistic System (6/26/2020 11:25:32 PM)

It's time to make logistics relevant again!

Demeter is an automated logistics system designed to move weapons between locations based on user requirements. Demeter automatically resupply airbases, SAMís, and any units with a magazine.

The goal is allow seamless movement of weapons without user input. Weapons can freely move between locations, thus placing a greater emphasis on destroying your opponent's ammo depots and infrastructure.

Features include:

1.) User defined suppliers (givers) and clients (takers)
2.) User defined supply requirements EX: All F-15ís require 2 AIM-9X and 4 AIM-120 or all Patriots require 32 PAC 3ís
3.) Realistic order time fulfillment EX: 2 bases are 100 NM with reinforce rate of 50 NM/H will require 2 hours to fulfill the order
4.) User defined global reinforce rate and custom reinforce rates between 2 specific locations
5.) Modify reinforcement rates during game time EX: Destruction of bridges can trigger a reduction of reinforcement rates, any transfer of weapons will take longer
6.) Persistent save: user defined settings, weapon movements, etc will be saved and will not be lost between reloads

Demeter does require some scripting to setup the scenario. Please refer to the provided guide for more info. The download package contains 6 scenario examples:

Scenario 1
In this scenario, we demonstrate how Demeter will move ammunition between two airbases. In Base 1, there are 20 F-15CX with each F-15CX requiring 2 AIM-9X and 4 AIM-120D. Base 1 has 40 AIM-9X and 80 AIM-120D in its ammunition counter. When you ferry the 20 F-15ís to Base 2, Demeter will ship the required ammunition to Base 2. If you ferry them back to Base 1, Demeter will also move the ammunition accordingly.

Scenario 2
In this scenario, we demonstrate how Demeter can resupply SAM units. Here we have two Patriot batteries targeting drones. As the Patriots continue to engage, the nearby ammunition bunker will continue to resupply the batteries.

Scenario 3
In this scenario, we demonstrate that not all supply routes are equal. Here Patriot 1 is on a flat land, while Patriot 2 is on a nearby island. Demeter can customize reinforce rate between specific supplier and client. In this case, Patriot 2 takes twice as long as Patriot 1 to reinforce even though the distance to the ammunition bunker is the same.

Scenario 4
In this scenario, we demonstrate how infrastructure such as bridges, train stations, etc can affect ammunition reinforce rate. Here we have two Patriots, an Ammunition Bunker, and two bridges in between. Destroying the bridges will cut the reinforce rate between Patriot 1, 2 and Ammunition Bunker by half.

Scenario 5
In this scenario, we demonstrate a more complex scenario. Here we have Dock 1, Base 1, and two Patriot batteries. We also have 12 F-15CX on Base 1 Unfortunately, none of the units have ammunition. We can introduce new ammunition by docking a supply ship to Dock 1. Once the ship docks, all the necessary ammunition are transferred to Dock 1 (this is scripting not related to Demeter). Demeter will then recognize these new ammunition and distribute them accordingly to the base and batteries.

Scenario 6
In this scenario, we have a more complex scenario involving multiple bases and weapon requirements.

KnightHawk75 -> RE: Demeter - Automated Logistic System (6/27/2020 1:16:05 PM)

Dude (or dudette), still digesting but wow [X(] that's a slick idea.
That implementation too, eyeballing the doc and lua ... [&o].


Parel803 -> RE: Demeter - Automated Logistic System (6/28/2020 10:09:36 AM)

I fully agree with KnightHawk. thx

angster -> RE: Demeter - Automated Logistic System (6/28/2020 1:40:45 PM)

Glad you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to post any questions on this thread.

Addendum for Reinforcement Rates, when modifying reinforcement rates, Demeter has a minimum reinforcement rate of 5NM/H and will not go below it.
For reference on reinforce rates:

5 NM/H => Foot
10 NM/H => Bicycle
15 NM/H => Typical cargo ship
20 NM/H => Convoy slow
35 NM/H => Convoy average
50 NM/H => Convoy highway
100 NM/H => Helicopter traffic rate
250 NM/H => Turboprop cargo plane
450 NM/H => turbojet cargo plane

jkgarner -> RE: Demeter - Automated Logistic System (6/29/2020 1:27:28 PM)

The is way cool.
Thank you.

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