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Lovenought -> Disable Age of Egoism for AI? (6/26/2020 1:52:41 AM)

In my current game the world is in an Era of Egoism, and I just made contact with another major. A dozen or spies later, and I am able to see that, at the least, every single OHQ commander in their empire has 0 relations, plus their SHQ. Which is....yeah. Meanwhile in my empire, i'm at the peak of the Era and have most leaders still over 80.

If we assume that the rest of their Leaders are like that, it means that if I went to war with this AI, they'd be heavily inferior to me in production, research, combat skill, etc. Even if we both had equal resources. Not to mention that they must be having a mountain of negative events and then failing a lot of the rolls due to the malus you get for having bad relations.

I haven't seen any rebels to far, so hopefully AI is at least spared that. I'm playing on Regular, don't know if AI get better at handling leader relations on higher difficulties. But they clearly can't cope on Regular.

LordAldrich -> RE: Disable Age of Egoism for AI? (6/26/2020 7:15:22 AM)

I was never clear on whether or not that number is the enemy commander's relationship with their government or with YOU. I think it might be their relationship with you, because I don't think I've ever seen it above zero.

Soar_Slitherine -> RE: Disable Age of Egoism for AI? (6/26/2020 10:24:07 AM)

Where do you see AI characters' relations to their regime? The value on their portraits seems to be their regime's relationship to you. In any case, the manual section on AI rules differences says that the AI production and skills rolls are not modified by their character relationships, whether positive or negative, and it is not given decisions (and hence, presumably, most negative events).

zgrssd -> RE: Disable Age of Egoism for AI? (6/26/2020 12:17:52 PM)

Read 5.18 in the Manual. Most of those things are not an issue for the AI in the first place.

Plus, it might be the view of those leaders to your Regime, not their own one.

Vic -> RE: Disable Age of Egoism for AI? (7/10/2020 10:30:42 AM)

It shows the relation with you. Which is actually your relation with their Regime.

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