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CelestialSlayer -> Question about Hex perks (6/25/2020 10:23:25 AM)

I have a few hex perks now, and I am curious about how you collect their benefits - when you mouse over them it says "A hex perk is completely independent from your public and private economy and delivers as long as it is connected to the zone city"
What does that effectively mean? Does it need to be connected by a road to a city? If so if i put a traffic light to stop logistics does that stop the benefits?
can it just exist in the zone and send its benefits - be that political points or loyalty without having a road connection?

Any help would be appreciated.


ramnblam -> RE: Question about Hex perks (6/25/2020 11:12:52 AM)

As long as it's within your borders you will get the benefit of the hex perk. To see what it is you're getting go the assets tab for the zone and they are listed after the private assets. You can click on them to get more information from there as well.

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