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Mgellis -> Galveston Gets a Mission, 1960 -- new beta for testing (6/24/2020 9:51:38 PM)

My newest beta...

It is 1960 and the cruiser Galveston gets a mission to look for Soviet ships and submarines in the waters off Alaska. She will be assisted by two destroyers and some aircraft based out of Kodiak.

This is supposed to be an intelligence-gathering mission, but it's the Cold War, and the Soviets can get pretty nervous sometimes, so you never know what might happen...

As always, please let me know what you think. Are there errors that need to be fixed? What can I do to make the scenario more interesting, more challenging, more fun, etc.? Thanks!

HalfLifeExpert -> RE: Galveston Gets a Mission, 1960 -- new beta for testing (6/25/2020 12:47:06 AM)

I love the setup and premise for this scenario. It's perfect for me as I love to have scenarios that fit your description


This scenario was deliberately designed not to be fast-paced. Be patient. Take time to savor the hunt. You may even want to run the scenario in the background while you do other things, but be ready to react to contacts when they appear.

However, before I start playing properly, you seem to have left behind some developer note to yourself in red text at the top of the Scenario Description.


Note to self: Need to check where various bases, etc. are located, if they were in existence in 1960, which destroyers were actually converted, etc. Also, be sure to report the fuel issue with some of the destroyers (Fletcher, Gearing, etc. seem to have 11 months (!) of fuel)

HalfLifeExpert -> RE: Galveston Gets a Mission, 1960 -- new beta for testing (6/25/2020 2:55:59 AM)

I'm enjoying it so far. Got lucky in that my first sub-surface contact turned out to be a Foxtrot. Sent USS Edson to keep close contact, while Neptunes kept close tabs until Edson arrived. I've left off with my current save with USS Edson very close to the Foxtrot, banging away with Active Sonar........

HalfLifeExpert -> RE: Galveston Gets a Mission, 1960 -- new beta for testing (6/28/2020 12:40:13 AM)

I've just completed it. It was quite enjoyable.

While the Edson was staying on top of that Foxtrot, one of my Recon Skywarriors was able to locate a Sverdlov cruiser, and take pics of it. I sent the Galveston to stay within SAM-Surface-Attack range and keep an eye on her. I also had the Skate move into the Sverdlov's baffles and got sonar data before resuming her own search.

Some time later, USS Perry detects another underwater contact, and with help from my Neptunes, It was classified as another Foxtrot.

After about 36 hours of watching all 3 of these Soviet Vessels, I get warning of possible military action from the Soviets. A few hours later, without warning, USS Edson comes under torpedo attack from the Foxtrot she is watching.

I immediately order both Edson and Perry to sink their respective Foxtrots, and have Galveston fire off 4 Talos missiles at the Sverdlov to damage it's sensors and fire control before engaging with guns.

As the battle starts, a pair of SLBMs fire from a previously undetected submarine, they end up hitting land about 20-30 miles south of Kodiak, so they apparently missed their target, causing no damage to my assets.

Perry dispatches her Foxtrot with ASROCs, while Edson is in a duel her Foxtrot, struggling to get a hit against repeated torpedo attacks. Eventually, Edson loses, while the Foxtrot is later sunk by a Neptune.

Galveston is able to cripple the Sverdlov with missiles, and then sink her with 6-inch gunfire, while receiving no damage herself. Perry is able to close on and sink the Golf SSB with ASROCs.

For the remainder of the scenario time, I struggle to find other targets. I was able to detect and fix a November SSN, but she went too deep and I was unable to successfully engage.

Scenario ended with the end of the clock. Score was Major Victory with 130

I never located any Biologics, which seems unusual for an ASW scenario.

Losses and Expenditures:

SIDE: United States

1x DD 931 Forrest Sherman [Gun]

1907x AN/SSQ-2 Jezebel LOFAR
1900x AN/SSQ-15 Julie Active Range-Only
6x RIM-8C Talos
4x RUR-5A Mod 3 ASROC RTT [Mk44]
6x Mk37 Mod 0
12x 152mm/47 Mk16 Triple AP Salvo [3 rnds]
4x 152mm/47 Mk16 Triple HC Salvo [3 rnds]
8x Mk44 Mod 1

SIDE: Soviet Union

1x KR Sverdlov [Pr.68bis]
2x PL-641 Foxtrot
1x PLRB-629 Golf I

24x 53-57 Pattern Runner [NATO 53-56]
3x SS-N-4 Sark [800kT Nuclear]
6x Generic Acoustic Decoy
12x 152mm/50 Triple AP Salvo [3 rnds]
4x 53-51 Pattern Runner

SIDE: Neutrals



Mgellis -> RE: Galveston Gets a Mission, 1960 -- new beta for testing (7/1/2020 3:20:24 PM)


ORIGINAL: HalfLifeExpert

I've just completed it. It was quite enjoyable.

Thanks for the feedback. There are orcas and tuna out there, but sometimes you just don't find them.

Is there anything else you think needs to be done for this one or is it ready for the Community Scenario Pack?


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