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trutyjoh -> Supply Lines (6/24/2020 3:17:12 PM)

HEllo all;
It may be just me (an OLD board gamer before recorded history of AH), but I find the supply rules a bit obtuse. So I thought to ask questions in the forum figuring that the most experienced are here. Also I thought to search before asking a question but I have found the search engine less than helpful.... so what am I doing wrong?

Hellen_slith -> RE: Supply Lines (6/24/2020 4:42:29 PM)

Sometimes I like to use the old help files. They are (on my machine) in this path:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Matrix Games\The Operational Art of War IV\opart cw help

if you open that file by double-clicking it, it give your the old files, that I find easier to read sometimes. Example from my search of that file is shown below. There was also, if I remember, a tutorial about supply on here somewhere, but I can't find it at the moment

I am in the process of printing that section of these help files, next post will give the link to pdf


Lobster -> RE: Supply Lines (6/24/2020 4:45:30 PM)


ORIGINAL: trutyjoh

Also I thought to search before asking a question but I have found the search engine less than helpful.... so what am I doing wrong?

The forums search engine is broken. When the forums are migrated to a different...uhm...forums thingy, they are supposed to be fixed.

The official, 'the search engine is broken' blurb:

Hellen_slith -> RE: Supply Lines (6/24/2020 4:46:22 PM)

I printed that section of the old Supply help file, will add more as I print them

These two pages are the basics of supply (pdf will open in new window)

MikeJ19 -> RE: Supply Lines (6/24/2020 5:44:36 PM)

In June 2018, I did a post looking at supply. I posted the thread in the war room. However, it is very difficult to find it now. When I did it, I created a document - it is about 9MB, so I do not think I can share it. If someone is interested, I can look at how to share it.

All the best,

Hellen_slith -> RE: Supply Lines (6/25/2020 1:56:53 AM)

I would note, that in that file I posted, it says,

"If the unit cannot trace this supply line, its supply level will drop by an amount
equal to the number of half days in a turn."

I can attest that this does not happen for me (not sure if that is because of new supply rules, or something else)
but I see several units in my Russo-German scene receiving supply (albeit very slowly) even though they cannot possibly trace that "line of communication" (they are deep behind enemy lines, but still getting some supply--by air? from their hex? A quirk in the scenario design? Not sure.)

Seems like they usually go from, say 7% supply, to about 23% over the course of about 10 turns--not moving, not digging, just stationery. Stationary? Not moving. Maybe that a rule for old ACoW and different now in TOAWIV?

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