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concern -> Spammed by slavers (6/22/2020 2:27:33 AM)

I am currently getting an offer of slaves pretty much every turn. Both choices I am presented with cause ongoing damage to the relationships with my leaders. How do I get out of this endless loop of slave offers? Do I need to destroy the slaver nation?

EuchreJack -> RE: Spammed by slavers (6/22/2020 2:43:17 AM)


Every time you pay off the slavers, they use your money to get stronger. If you reject all their offers and go to war immediately, they have mostly infantry. If you pay them off and then go to war, my understanding is that they will field better units. I swear in one game a Major power was paying off the slavers just so they were better equipped when I went to war with them.

That being said, I had one start with 2 slaver nations as neighbors, plus an Ancient AI, plus a ruined city that I wanted to take from a minor. Those slavers got paid off, when I could afford it. It also turns out that only one slaver can extort you at a time: I was able to peace out the southern slaver, which pissed off the western slaver.

concern -> RE: Spammed by slavers (6/22/2020 4:02:26 AM)

That's a little bit annoying. It would be nice if there was another option to resolve this. Unless I now attack them, I will be left with this horrible no-win slave offer every turn. I'll either flatline my commerce rating or destroy my relationships with my leaders.

concern -> RE: Spammed by slavers (6/22/2020 4:58:17 AM)

Update: I've put a large military force on the slaver's border and so far I haven't received any more offers of slaves. I still have a high relationship with them. They do have a couple of slaver convoys hovering about near the border. Maybe these convoys need clear access to your territory in order for an offer to be made. I shall update this when I have further information.

EuchreJack -> RE: Spammed by slavers (6/22/2020 5:37:36 PM)


I noticed with the Arachnids that they don't seem to go hostile if you stay away from their border, so maybe the Slavers are the reverse? Let us know how it turns out!

concern -> RE: Spammed by slavers (6/22/2020 9:15:47 PM)

Unfortunately, before I commenced the gambit of moving troops to the slaver border, I had rejected their slave offer twice in a row. It did reduce my relationship, but not enough for war.

I am therefore unsure of the trigger for removing the slave offers - my double decline or my troops! Either way I am very grateful that they are gone.

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