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Tomn -> Minor Regime Eternal War (6/21/2020 2:22:47 PM)

So once a minor regime is at war with a major regime, you can no longer ask them to become a protectorate. Fair enough. But once you've conquered the major regime's last city, hunted down or starved out the last remnants of their armed forces, and all that's left of them are a handful of empty zoneless tiles you can't be bothered to formally claim, the minor regime STILL thinks it's at war with the major regime and will thus be invalid for protectorate offers.

Perhaps at some point minor regimes should consider quietly dropping wars that haven't seen any action in, say, a dozen turns or so. Or maybe major regimes that lose their last city have their troops and territory become "non-aligned forces" while the regime disappears from the game. Or anything really other than eternally being at war with an empty patch of land.

zgrssd -> RE: Minor Regime Eternal War (6/21/2020 5:55:41 PM)

Sounds like another bug with not ressetting the state.

Please post that in the "Technical Support" forum.

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