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Fleshbits -> Unit Info - Left side vs Right side (6/20/2020 7:01:38 PM)

I don't understand what I am looking at when I click a unit and examine the bottom of the screen.

On the left side, I've got a chit that has a dude with a machine gun. He has the number 10 on him.

On the right side, there are several graphics such as 1300X Rifle Militia, 200x MG Militia, 200x RPG Militia, 20x Irregular Artil, 2x Syndicate Priest, 1x Political Aid truck.

How does the right side correspond to the number 10 at all or does it? Are all the things in the right part of the the thing on the left? Why would my infantry unit have all these different kinds of things? When the their numbers are killed off, which things am I loosing? If I lose RPG, I don't suppose I can replenish them? Does it just disband? Can I move troops from one unit to another?

The manual simply says the right side are the troops that make up the unit, but doesn't explain any of the above.

I don't understand, daddy.

Malevolence -> RE: Unit Info - Left side vs Right side (6/20/2020 7:25:43 PM)


Anatomy of a Unit Counter

Also, those little images of troops are different models in the unit and their quantity. You can have many, because each one is based on their individual XP (experience). If you have 100% unit integrity, you have everything authorized in the unit's TO&E (i.e. formation).

The number on the counter is... one point signifies either 100 infantry or 10 tanks/vehicles or guns.

In the strategic map it's different, the number is modified for readiness as well (reportedly).

Below image is green unit (no xp) with no troop models missing.


GodwinW -> RE: Unit Info - Left side vs Right side (6/20/2020 7:31:47 PM)

People divided by 100 is their power, vehicles and artillery and such divided by 10 is their power. Special unit feats (priests etc) do not count.

So 1300 (13) + 200 (2) + 200 (2) + 20 (2) = 19

And 19 is the number you see.

It's basically an indication of the power of that unit.

Edit: didn't see the previous reply

Fleshbits -> RE: Unit Info - Left side vs Right side (6/20/2020 7:40:28 PM)

So, how do I make a unit that has a max of 300 troops, into one that has a max of 3600 troops?

Malevolence -> RE: Unit Info - Left side vs Right side (6/20/2020 7:44:30 PM)

Upgrade the formation. This can increase the echelon. You can also downgrade.

In the orders bar, Unit Admin > Upgrade.

You can also laterally change the type of formation for some.

For example, I have already created a Motorized Light Infantry Brigade. I want it to be mechanized now that I have APC's.

I downgrade the unit to Light Infantry Brigade, and then upgrade to Mechanized Light Infantry Brigade--all in the same turn. Troops and equipment are sent back or replaced by the SHQ at the end of the turn to agree with the TO&E for the formation's OOB.

The paths to make these kind of formation changes are based on the starting model types--infantry, tanks, artillery, etc.

See also: Discover the Formation Type Overview, for more details about formations.

These actions have minor PP costs.

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