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hugh04 -> power of internal council (6/20/2020 4:02:26 PM)

I am solidly into the midgame on normal difficulty. The internal council is really coming into its own. I have conquered 6 cities and formed one for a total of seven zones. I have 7 brigades deployed. Almost all offices have been formed. That is alot of leaders. Trying to improve things with a mediocre internal office leader was expensive in PP and slow as so many rolls were missed and not alot of strategems were found.

What a difference a great leader makes. Once I put in a IV leader with high admin and intelligence my ability to improve things has made a great difference. Recruiting better staff, retiring slackers and giving gifts and bonuses has stabilized and greatly improved all my leaders.

Probably my most impactful leader. The only competition being the economic director as the prospector rolls have found the only metal sites I have found so far. Hard to run an empire on only one metal site at a time (first one gave out before second one came online).

zgrssd -> RE: power of internal council (6/20/2020 4:15:25 PM)

Absolutely worth it. And you can even get rid of leaders that are problematic via Retirement.
For really great Leader, go Meritocracy. That is their core strenght.
And the Entire Society Profile part is littered with good Interior cards.

I even made a post where I look at wich Profile paths prefer wich Councils:

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