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zgrssd -> Destruction, Repair and swapping out Assets (6/20/2020 1:29:19 PM)

Currently the destruction and repair mechanic is not that good:
- it does take pleasingly long to destroy something due to enemy fire (total hitpoints are ~5 times what it need to disable the asset)
- it takes forever to repair things. We can not speed it up
- Scrappign a building takes way longer then enemy fire does. And you may have to scrap one building to place another of it's kind there

I got some ideas for that:
Buildings downgrade with damage
The hitpoint bar is shortened drastically. Something like 2-3 times "Completely Inoperable" damage.
If an asset hits that total, it does not vanish. Instead it downgrades 1 Level and the lower tier version has enough damage to be inoperable as well. Only if the asset was already T1, does it vanish.

That would keep higher Tier assets very resilient (as the damage has to go through all previous tiers), but also means repair is easier with severe damage (albeit at a lower tier).

Refurbish project:
This is a special building operation we can do. This project would drastically improve the repair, but costs resources closer to building it from scratch. Stuff is replaced wholesale, rather then repaired where possible.

Intentional scrapping is faster
Intentional scrapping would use the same mechanics as above, except the downgrading happens at a lower treshold. Maybe at "inoperable". Maybe at '2 times inoperable' instead of '3 times inoperable'?
Maybe the presence of troops could speed it up, respensting them actively demolishing it? Maybe a extra "Scrap" operation that costs workers to maintain but is way faster then waiting for "non maintenance decay"?

Sidegrade project
A number of buildings are mutually exclusive. The Elephant in the Room are farming assets, but there is also stuff like The Railhead vs Railstation vs Highspeed Rail. A large reason we choose to close a asset, is to make room for another one of it's kind (the other eason being scorched earth tactics).

Shadow Empire is somewhat rare in that the current version and the upgraded version can co-exist in the asset list:
First T1 is running and the T2 Consturction in progress
Then T1 is running and T2 Consturciton is finished
Then only T2 is running and existing.

Could we maybe expand that to all mutual exclusion groups?
First T2 Agri Dome is running, T2 Earth farm is in contruction
Then T2 Agri Dome is running, T2 Earth farm finished
Then only T2 Earth Farm is running and existing
Even if we could only sidegrade into a T1 version from the same familiy, that would still be a improvement over the current System. And the basis for it is absolutely there already.

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