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Christolos -> Ship in ports being land attacked (6/19/2020 10:12:09 PM)

I can understand how a ship in port (Memel in this case) can be attacked by adjacent enemy land units in the hexes and directions depicted with arrows in the image below, but why from the Konigsberg Defenses across the Curonian Lagoon?


In a PBEM game I am playing, I purposely docked the sub in question in Memel to see if it could be attacked, because I knew my opponent would do so if it could be. I was hoping it couldn't because of the geography of the land. Sure enough it happened and the sub was blown to smithereens.

Is this WAD?


Christolos -> RE: Ship in ports being land attacked (6/19/2020 10:19:55 PM)

Looking at a real map of the area, I can see that there is a small stretch of land jutting out close to Memel called the Curonian split:

Is this why the sub could be attacked?

I have seen other examples in SC-WaW that led me to question why ships could be attacked in port by land units when it seemed that they should not be based on geography. Is it simply any land hex that is adjacent that counts regardless of any intervening body of water?


Hubert Cater -> RE: Ship in ports being land attacked (6/20/2020 2:22:25 PM)

Hi Christolos,

Generally speaking, the game does not take into account where the port is located within the hex, just so long as the coastlines are attached, e.g. the coastline is attached from where the German Corps is located relative to the where the port is located, then the unit can attack.

Granted for aesthetic reasons we sometimes try and align the port in a certain facing or angle within a coastal hex, as is the case in your example above, but in game terms that entire hex is a port hex etc. This is the same for other resources as well located within a hex, e.g. towns, cities, mines and so on.


Christolos -> RE: Ship in ports being land attacked (6/21/2020 4:23:51 PM)

Thanks Hubert.



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