[BUG] [Beta 1.03v6] Farmland Erases Ruins (Full Version)

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Radagar -> [BUG] [Beta 1.03v6] Farmland Erases Ruins (6/19/2020 1:27:23 PM)

The (maybe a bug?) issue is with the farmland spreading over hexes like ruins which are far more valuable. I'm not sure if it is unintended and a bug or just a feature request for a flag to set hexes as not used for farmland. I'd much rather a recycling center on the hex than some farms.

Vic -> RE: [BUG] [Beta 1.03v6] Farmland Erases Ruins (6/19/2020 1:41:21 PM)

The Scav Points should remain, but I agree that is not what I wanted to happen. will address this next open beta.

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