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simpatico -> Fall of the Philippines (6/19/2020 12:26:09 PM)

This is possibly the easiest of the linked campaigns. I played it twice & was able to get major victories in all scenarios each time. There were a few bugs in early versions of the LCG but they were ironed out long ago. Unfortunately it is the only historical LCG in JTCS playable as Japanese although in Mods & Scenarios there are two excellent short campaigns, Invasion of Malaya & Assault on Java posted by Eagle-FZS.

Some tips & reflections on gameplay: The Philippine (PA) infantry have weak firepower & are not much of a threat unless they are with a leader.
They have tank support (M3 Stuarts) in a few scenarios but the AI doesnít use them very effectively. If you see tanks stationary in the open then air attack them. If they are in defensive positions send infantry in first & follow up with AT rifles & your tanks Ė you have 3 platoons of HA-GO tanks. AT rifles can be effective when used with a leader. Donít go head to head with HA-GO versus Stuart as the Japanese tanks have weak armour. Sneak in after the Stuarts have fired shots at your infantry, fire at close range & withdraw. Your tanks are best used for infantry support, assaulting isolated units & in the endgame for seizing the furthest objectives. The PA have no antitank guns & no trucks Ė if you hear a truck itís a battalion HQ. Japanese infantry are excellent at assault so always aim to disrupt, close & assault. Be a bit cautious with your leaders as Japanese leaders are easier to kill & once they die they donít come back.

The campaign is enjoyable to play & feels reasonably historically accurate. Would love to see more LCGs like this.

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