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shri -> CHANGES PROPOSED FOR FAIRER MP (6/19/2020 8:52:27 AM)

So, i have played a MP which i badly lost on both sides. Well, i am an atrocious player.
But my opponents used cavalry charges into the rear to devastating effects.

So, i propose 3 things-
1. NM change due to capture of cities should trigger only after 5 consecutive turns of holding said city, if you lose it within 5 turns no loss to enemy and no gain to you. This stops the gamey cavalry.
2. Reduce cavalry forces for all sides and add infantry corps and give cavalry attack/defense equal to a detachment, basically making them useless. A-Historical but only way to stop the cavalry charges.
3. Loss of troops completely (as in less than 5 supply when you cannot repurchase) in MP games should give 3X more NM losses than normal, this will stop gamey advances which result in loss of detachment or cavalry but destroys enemy NM.
4. Make the Belgians weaker, only 1 corps, maybe in Belgium or Antwerp, give them a detachment to compensate, Germany needs to rush to Lilee atleast for it to be somewhat Historical. In game France can counter the Western advance easily negating the whole point of Western advance, maybe Germany can get additional supply for first 2 turns in Belgium to compensate more.

WHY? CP shouldn't kick out Russia gamily but CP should have advantages initially because CP is already nerfed because a German Corps is equal to an Italian or Russian when they were 2X as effective.

Why? because loss of Congress Poland troops by Russia or Koenigsburg by Germany means game over in 1914.

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