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Rescue193 -> Theater Option blues (6/18/2020 7:43:53 PM)

I have created a Theater Option to be available on Turn 1. But, if the Option is NOT exercised, I don't want the it to be available on Turn 2 (it's time-dependent so it would be redundant anyhow) so how do I delete the option from the Menu so that it doesn't continue to be listed in subsequent turns?

I've checked the relevant section of the manual - the final paragraph of section 17.9.6 which reads: "If you wish to remove an option, place a second option with exactly the same News string and set an ‘Event to Activate’ of 9999 or 10000."

But, frankly and as with so much stuff in the manual, I really don't understand it. I assume from the wording in the manual “…place a second option…” means another Theater Option 1 (I get the 'identical news string' thing) but I don't get is how to structure the rest of the event. What invokes/triggers/activates it and so on.

Could someone please give me an "idiot's guide" as to how I might rid myself of this tedious Theater Option?

Many thanks.


Curtis Lemay -> RE: Theater Option blues (6/18/2020 10:44:42 PM)

You want it to disappear on turn 2, then the trigger is "Turn 2".

Rescue193 -> RE: Theater Option blues (6/19/2020 4:14:39 PM)

Okay, I’m still doing something wrong here but I don’t know what.

Below are the two events #134 & #176 (the events in between are Form’n Orders instructions).

Event: 134, XXX Corps launches OPERATION GARDEN at dawn.
Trigger turn: 1 (Pre-dawn, September 17th, 1944).
Effect: Theater Option 1 (135).

Event: 176, XXX Corps launches OPERATION GARDEN at dawn.
Trigger turn: 2 (Morning, September 17th, 1944).
Effect: Theater Option 1 (9999).

As I understand according to the manual Event 176 should remove Event 134 so that it no longer appears in the Theater Option List.

However what I get is:


Raindem -> RE: Theater Option blues (6/23/2020 3:54:50 AM)

I have recently encountered this problem also. It used to work correctly as stated in the manual, but something has changed the way the engine looks at event numbers. On the second event, try changing the Activate Event to "10000" instead of "9999". Seems to work better that way.

And just a heads up, anytime you have an event like this the target reference will automatically change if you later on add or delete events. So each time you make a change that alters the numbering or sequence of events you'll have to go back and reset the target event to "10000".

Rescue193 -> RE: Theater Option blues (6/23/2020 7:30:55 AM)

Thanks for chipping in with that info.

I was going quietly crazy (well, more crazy and not so quietly) trying various combinations of instructions, events and what-have-yous, all to no avail.

I was aware of the target reference thing, mainly because I've tripped over it in the past, it's a sneaky little pest.

I've taken to writing a spreadsheet version of the Event Editor before I input the thing into the actual Event Editor - being able to see more than 3 events at a time really really help and its sort of useful when it comes to making a cross reference with a scenario dump - but when the wretched thing (the Event Editor that is) doesn't perform as advertised it makes a mockery of what was, at first sight, a reasonably good idea.

Ho hum!


Lobster -> RE: Theater Option blues (6/23/2020 2:30:02 PM)

You are a wargamer. Crazy is a given. [;)]

Rescue193 -> RE: Theater Option blues (6/23/2020 3:16:18 PM)

Y'mean all that money I spent on therapy was wasted!

Raindem -> RE: Theater Option blues (6/23/2020 11:56:42 PM)

It's why we used to call it the "Evil Editor", or just "Evil Ed" for short. I think the name still applies.

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